We only process and sell venison sourced from Fallow deer.

Our Product Range

Onkaparinga Valley Venison is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality Fallow venison on the market.

All our venison products are sourced from Australian farmed Fallow deer, carry the NFA quality mark, and are processed and packaged to the highest standards.

  • Saddle

      Cut Guide Weight No/Pack
    Loin (Saddle) Loin (Saddle) 1.00 2
    Tenderloin (Fillet) Tenderloin (Fillet) 0.25 4
    Bone-In Saddle Bone-In Saddle 3.50 1
    Bone-In Rack Bone-In Rack 1.25 1
  • Denvered Leg Cuts

      Cut Guide Weight No/Pack
    Topside (DEN) Topside (DEN)* 0.75 1
    Round (DEN) Round (DEN)* 0.50 3
    Silverside (DEN) Silverside (DEN)* 0.50 3
    *DEN means the meat has been de-sinewed or had the 'silverskin' membrane removed.
  • Leg

      Cut Guide Weight No/Pack
    Bone Out Bone Out 3.00 1
    Bone In Bone In 4.00 1
    Rump Rump 0.50 3
  • Forequarter

      Cut Guide Weight No/Pack
    Rolled Shoulder (Netted) Rolled Shoulder (Netted) 2.00 1
    Shoulder Bone In Shoulder Bone In 3.00 1
    Shoulder Bone Out Shoulder Bone Out 2.00 1
  • Extras

      Cut Guide Weight No/Pack
    Diced Diced 1.00 1
      Prime Venison Mince 1.00 1
      Trim 1.00 1
      Shanks 5 kg Pack 10
      Osso Bucco 5 kg Pack 30
      Bones 5 kg Pack  
      Liver 0.75 - 0.80 6
  • Also Available

    • Prime Venison Mince
    • Trim
    • Shanks
    • Osso Bucco
    • Bones
    • Liver
    • Venison Sausages
    • Venison Hamburgers
    • Venison Schnitzels
    • Venison Pepper Steaks
    • Venison Patties
  • Cooking Tips

    Cuts are best appreciated when served rare or slightly pink. Marinades, if used for the sake of variety, should be subtle to preserve the delicate flavour of the meat.

    Complimentary spices include rosemary, juniper, and peppercorns while fruits such cherries, kiwi fruit or berries are excellent accompaniments.

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